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When we Touch, When we Kiss, When we Touch, When we Kiss...

Desdemona Soriano Aldovar
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I'm applying to GSJ :O

F R I E N D S - O N L Y
This is a friends-only journal, so don't expect too much from me. If you are looking for my icons, please go to ks_iconpalace. And here's a special bulletin.
Marriage Boycott - Alternatives to Marriage Project


I am awesome, and that's all you need to know.[Well...okay, I'm a college freshman at UC Berkeley, I'm a redhead, I do not enjoy candlelit dinners and walks on the becah, I am a San Franciscan stuck in a Souther Californian's body, I'm a devout atheist, I'm heterosexual contrary to what some people believe (and have experienced XD), I like writing, I'm HEAVILY INVOLVED in fandom activities like iconmaking and fanfics, and I really like mudkips and bringin' the lulz.]


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JustSayHi - Science Quiz

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